Mindfulness Education 4 Life™

Strategic Framework


Mindfulness Education 4 Life™
OUR MISSION is to bridge neuroscience
and mindfulness skills to cultivate a
peaceful and response-able society.

Strategic Goals


Our goal is to create research-based educational materials and programs to help people:

• Know the impact of stress on the brain and body
• Value the benefits of a calm mind and body
• Develop mindfulness practices and stress management      skills for self-regulation
• Nurture self and others to be peaceful and response-able

Our first program, Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments™, begins with children, ages 3-8. For parents, family members, childcare providers, teachers, paraeducators, health-care providers, mental health professionals, and mindfulness educators.


Our goal is to help adults apply mindfulness skills and practices to manage their own stress as they guide children/youth in calming themselves.

We facilitate Calming Ourselves In Stressful Moments™ presentations, workshops and retreats.


Our goal is to enhance the capacity, reach, and impact of mindfulness education.

Through ME4L's website, blog and other formats, we provide a means for those interested in mindfulness education to be informed of related research, programs, events, ideas, and resources.


Our goal is to expand mindfulness education through partnerships with advocates of health and well being for children, youth, and families:

• Schools and child care centers
• Organizations serving children, youth, and families
• Health and wellness organizations
• Mindfulness education communities