Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments, Third Edition!

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We are taking a pause from our blog to complete the Third Edition of Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments™ for children ages  3 – 8. Our mindfulness-based program guides children through The Calming Skill™, a five-step process to manage stress, as they experience creative and fun calming activities. 30 beautifully illustrated Calming Cards and accompanying guidebook make the…

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Children’s Books About Mindfulness

Books are an entertaining and relevant way to help a child understand what mindfulness is and why it is important. Through humor, whimsy, adventure, poetry, and pictures, mindfulness concepts come alive. The child can see how mindfulness helps characters appreciate the present moment, become more peaceful, and work through challenges. Whether read independently or shared…

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Free Film – Healthy Habits of Mind

Watch the new film, Healthy Habits of Mind, and experience mindfulness education in action! Danish filmmaker, Mette Bahnsen, has created a beautiful movie about integrating mindfulness into education. To view this free film, please go to the Mindful Schools  website. See mindfulness practices implemented in a kindergarten classroom. Listen to interviews with experts about the value of…

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