Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments, Third Edition!

Calming logoWe are taking a pause from our blog to complete the Third Edition of Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments™ for children ages  3 – 8.

Our mindfulness-based program guides children through The Calming Skill™, a five-step process to manage stress, as they experience creative and fun calming activities.

30 beautifully illustrated Calming Cards and accompanying guidebook make the program easy to use in a variety of settings. Calming Ourselves materials are suitable for any adult who lives and works with young children—parents, family members, child-care providers, teachers, mental health professionals, health-care providers, and mindfulness educators.

The calming activities draw from the best of research-based stress management tools – mindful noticing, breathing, yoga, creative movement, guided imagination, music, and more! The activities are intentionally simple, yet they have a profound impact on redirecting a child’s energy. The repetition and reinforcement of The Calming Skill™ format, woven into each activity, develops the neural pathways to manage stress that will last a lifetime.

Adults can apply these tools to manage their own stress as they guide children toward calming themselves. Children and adults become less reactive and more response-able—benefiting everyone’s well-being, health, social-emotional skills, and performance.


Calming Cards

The First (2004) and Second (2006) Editions of the Calming Ourselves in Stressful Moments™ program were developed and distributed within Comprehensive Health Foundation’s Children and Families Initiative. Please visit our website for a program description and testimonials.

The Third Edition will be available through Mindfulness Education 4 Life™.


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