Free Film – Healthy Habits of Mind

Watch the new film, Healthy Habits of Mind, and experience mindfulness education in action!

16_kid_circleDanish filmmaker, Mette Bahnsen, has created a beautiful movie about integrating mindfulness into education.

To view this free film, please go to the Mindful Schools  website.

  • See mindfulness practices implemented in a kindergarten classroom.
  • Listen to interviews with experts about the value of mindfulness in education.
  • Learn about the neuroscience of mindfulness from leading neurologist Dr. Richard Davidson.
  • Hear about the Mindful Schools Curriculum training.

If we can start to give little kids awareness of their emotions and awareness of their body and the ability to self-regulate some of the time, then they are going to take that into their school environments.                          Renee Harris, K Classroom Teacher, Healthy Habits of Mind