The Mindfulness Revolution

fast sign 11.7.13Race…to the top, pressure,
do more/buy more,
technology and information over-load,
global and personal crises

Slow down, pslow sign 11.7.13ause…pay attention
to the present moment,
notice your body and breath,
be curious, no-judgment, appreciate…well being.

A quiet revolution is taking place…mindfulness for life.

A growing body of scientific research indicates that mindfulness can reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. Mindfulness is increasingly being applied in a wide variety of professional fields—from health care to education, from performing arts to business—to enhance well-being and improve effectiveness.


Researchers are trying to keep pace with an explosion of school-based mindfulness programs, and they are starting to publish their results.

One of the largest studies to date showed student behavior improved significantly.

The study took place in Oakland, CA, elementary schools that serve low-income, ethnic-minority children. The results of a Mindful Schools curriculum showed student behavior improved significantly in paying attention, self-control, classroom participation, and respect for others.  Read more about this and other studies in Research Round-Up: Mindfulness in Schools.

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Recommended Reading

bookcoverRead what leading psychologists and scientists are saying about the power of mindfulness in daily life.

The Mindfulness Revolution, Shambala Sun, 2011.

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